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Research and Development

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  • R&D Staff
    Four (Taipei, Taiwan); Two (Taichung,Taiwan)

  • Machinery/Equipment for R&D
    LCR meter
    Leakage test instrument
    Life test instrument
    Resistance meter
    High frequency tester

  • Patents & Copyrights
    Our ERC series is an original design and has patents in
    Taiwan (#84605) and China
  • Locations
    1) Shen-Keng, Taipei, Taiwan
    2) Taichung, Taiwan


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Regular meetings keep our
products on top


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A glimpse into our R&D sector

  • Commitment To Quality

          Since our establishment in 1984,
          our talented R&D teams have
          been dedicating their very best to
          innovation matched by a strong
          commitment to quality. We use
          only leading brand materials and
          the most reliable manufacturing
          equipment. Stringent testing
          procedures are an integral
          part of our electrolytic and ERC
          series assembly lines. We
          combine cutting edge technical
          skills with in-depth market     
          research to provide our
          customers with products that meet   
          their requirements.