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  • Sang Jing Electronics (SJE), established in 1984, has rapidly grown to become one of the leading electrolytic and tantalum capacitor manufacturers in Taiwan. SJE has built a reputation for consistently high quality products, fast, and efficient service, as well as a continuously innovative R&D team. Working together with our valued customers,SJE have developed many patented products that have brought sweeping changes in the passive component marketplace.




  • For over 18 years, SJE has been supplying manufacturers with a comprehensive range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for all types of applications. Our clients include leading manufacturers of motherboards, power supplies, control circuits, telephone equipment, and, many others.
  • Our patented ERC high-precision capacitors are a cost-effective solution to tantalums. Utilizing a proprietary process, a specially designed epoxy resin is applied to encapsulate an aluminum foil element. The result of this superior component is impervious to moisture, highly resistant to acid and alkali and is 100% leak proof.
  • The excellent design of ERCs serve to provide long-life, stable temperature operation and significantly reduce the possibility of an open circuit when overloaded or reversing polarity. ERC's high-precision capacitors are, on average, 30% less expensive than tantalums.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE! Sang Jing's dedication to innovation is matched only by its strong commitment to quality. SJE uses only leading brand materials and the most reliable manufacturing equipment. Stringent testing procedures are an integral part of our electrolytic and ERC high-precision capacitor assembly lines.
  • SJE combines cutting-edge technical skills with in-depth market research to provide our customers with products that meet their needs.

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