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Since our establishment in 1984,our talented R&D teams have been dedicating their very best to innovations matched by their strong commitments to quality. By the years experience in developing superior component, we have implemented the 'total quality control" system in our factories to maintain the most superior and precise products. We, at the sometime, have successfully applied the up-to-date technology to develop the ERC High-Precision Capacitors with patents in Taiwan (#84605) and in China (ZL 93 2 43870.9)also achieve a good reputation for consistently high quality products.

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工作情形2.jpg (59584 bytes)    For over 18 years, SJE has been supplying manufacturers with a comprehensive line of ERC High Precision Capacitors and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for all types of applications. And working together with our valued customers, we have developed patent products that have brought sweeping changes in the passive component marketplaces.

Sales Turnovers

SJE has rapidly grown to become one of the leading capacitors
manufacturers in Taiwan during the past few years. The sales
turnovers of SJE are :

  • 1997: Approx.  US$    6.0 million
  • 1998: Approx.  US$    8.6 million
  • 1999: Approx.  US$  11.5 million
  • 2000: Forecast US$ 13.2 million
  • 2001: Forecast US$ 15.8 million

The rapid increase in the sales of our Patented ERC High-Precision
Capacitors are expected to account for the vast portion of our growth,
and have fueled SJE's expansion to larger production facilities in 1998
and 1999.


SJE first began promoting its products in overseas markets in early
1995, and has been fortunate to experience a dramatic increase in
international sales over since. In 1997 our international division
accounted for approximately half of all SJE revenue.

Market Distribution

1997 1998 1999
  • Taiwan & China          
  • North & South America
  • Asia            
  • Europe            

Our current major customers are manufacturers of :
motherboards, power supplies, control circuits, telephone
equipment and many, many others.



  • Headquarter at Shen-Keng in Taipei, SJE maintains
    three manufacturing facilities as listed below.
  • Factory I in Taiwan
    Location : in Shen-Keng, Taipei
    Total Area : around 9,000 sq. ft.
    Produce : Patented ERC High-Precision Capacitors
                   Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Capacity: around 20, 000, 000 pcs/month.


  • Factory 2 in Taiwan
    Location : in Tai Chung,Taiwan
    Total Area : around 5,400 sq. ft.
    Produce :  Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Capacity : around 30,000,000 pcs/month.


  • Factory 3 in China
    Location : in Shenzhen, China
    Total Area : around 15,000 sq. ft.
    Produce: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Capacity: around 60,000,000 pcs/month.


SJE Electrolytic Capacitors - Performance you can trust !

For over 18 years, SJE has been supplying manufacturers with comprehensive range
of top quality capacitors for all types of applications.

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Whether you require Ultra-Miniature or
Large Capacitance Snap-In Electrolytic      
Capacitors,Radial or Axial, 85°C-105°C
we have always have your needs covered.

Patented ERC High-Precision Capacitors !
Though electrolytic capacitors have always been our mainstay, it is our
of ERC High-Precision Capacitors that have obtained international
on our sound and creative efforts to produce high-end, yet
effective,capacitors.ERCs are a newly invented device with an
epoxy resin coating. This specially designedcoating providesmany of
the characteristics that engineers expect from the higher-end tantalum capacitors including extremely low current leakage, and low impedance,
yet at a much lower cost !

Our patented ERC capacitors are a cost-effective solution to tantalums. Utilizing a proprietary process, a specially designed epoxy resin is
to encapsulate an aluminum foil element.The result of this
superior component is impervious to moisture, highly resistant to acid
and alkali,
and is 100% leakproof. The excellent design of ERC serve
to provide long-life,stable temperature operation and significantly reduce
the possibility of an open circuit when overloaded or reversing polarity.
ERC High-Precision capacitors are on
average 30% less expensive than tantalums.


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SJE always keep up with new device and market trend.Full range of metallized film capacitors, ceramic capacitors,multilayer capacitors,SMD capacitors and etc are also availabe to suit for your requirements.



Management Principles of Sang Jing Electronics 

  • Quality
    Rigorous Quality Assurance :
    Our goal is ZERO defects!
  • Service
    To always satisfy our customers
    with a sincere attitude!
  • R&D

  • To strive for continuous innovation
    that we may provide the very best
    products ! 
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Quality Policy of Sang Jing Electronics

 " Superior Quality & Perfect Services "

  • We encourage group contributions to improving overall
    quality and we always strive for ZERO defects !
  • The customer must be 100% satisfied !


Quality Assurance

SJE's dedication to innovation is matched by its strong commitment
to quality. SJE uses only leading brand materials and the most
reliable manufacturing equipment. Stringent testing procedures are
an integral part of our A-grade Electrolytic and ERC High-Precision
Capacitor assembly lines. SJE combines cutting-edge technical skills
with in-depth market research to provide our customers with products
that meet their requirements.


Component Sourcing

In addition to our own product line, SJE also works closely with a
number of Taiwan/China-based manufacturers so that we can provide
one-stop shopping for our international customers. From thru-hole
to SMT, from passive to active, SJE is always ready to assist you
with locating and purchasing the components you require.


Customer Supports

In addition to producing superior components, SJE supports its
customers with a range of service including component sourcing,
up-to-date technical specifications, and comprehensive marketing
materials. Our friendly, efficient bilingual office staff are always
ready to go the extra distance to satisfy you - our very important


Product Series Guide

Sang Jing Electronics manufactures a complete range of aluminum
electrolytic capacitors and ERC-High Precision Capacitors.



  UMR,UM3R  Series   Ultra-Miniature Electrolytic Capacitors Height 5mm
     MR Series   Miniature Electrolytic Capacitors Height 7mm
  MHR Series   105ºc Miniature Electrolytic Capacitors Height 7mm
  GPR Series   85ºc General Purpose Electrolytic Capacitors
     RH Series   105ºc General Purpose Electrolytic Capacitors
      LL Series   Low-Leakage Capacitors
     NP Series   Non-Polarized General Purpose Capacitors
     BP Series   Bi-Polarized High Ripple
  GLR Series   Low Impedance/Low E.S.R.
      AX Series   105ºc Axial type Capacitors
   LPR Series   PCB Snap-In Terminal Standard Capacitors
   HPR Series   PCB Snap-In Terminal 105ºc High Ripple Capacitors
     ST  Series   Screw Terminal type Capacitors
  MET  Series   Metallized polyester Film Capacitors(Axial Tubular Type)
  MEA  Series   Metallized polyester Film Capacitors(Axial Flat Type)
  MER  Series   Metallized polyester Film Capacitors(Radial Type Epoxy DIP Coated)
  MEX  Series   Metallized polyester Film Capacitors(Radial Type coating Plastic Case)
  ERC  Series   Patented High-Precision Capacitors
 Series Ceramic Capacitors
  Series Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  Series Photo Flash Capacitors
  Series Motor Starting & Running Capacitors

ERC Patent in Taiwn: #84605
ERC Patent in China: #ZL 93 2 438709

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Sang Jing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1984


Sang Jing Electronics Co., Ltd.
CIA Science Center 6F-4, 16, Lane 270, Sec. 3, Beishen Rd.,
Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 222, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2662-8088
Fax: 886-2-2662-8100

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